15 tradesmen - just 1 admin staff! Is that possible? It is with simPRO - read the case study

By: simPRO  04/11/2009
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Lunch with Richard from Connect Services…

As we sit in a bistro eating lunch, far away from the hustle of relentless phone calls and away from the sight of desks covered in paper, we ask the owner of Connect Services – “What prompted you to call simPRO?”

“My main goals in getting into business were financial

independence and lifestyle - spending time with family

and enjoying the weekends! But I didn't know my business

position. We didn't know what we were really doing in

the business. There were invoice discrepancies due to

incorrect information or due to the absence of the right

information! We were worried about staff effectiveness

and stock control. There was confusion with the direction

ofthe business and we didn't know what we were spending

on jobs.

"In business I've always gone forward, never gone

backwards. I heard about simPRO from other electricians

who used it, they loved it and spoke very highly of it. I did

look around at other products, but I'm very happy with

my decision in choosing simPRO. We isolated the urgent

issues I needed to address but simPRO supplied much

more than we needed. It just keeps on giving.

"In simplest terms, I now always feel and have control

of things. As soon as I start getting confused or not sure

what's going on, simPRO helps find the solution."

How are you going with your job and invoice


"It's all there, documented, the discrepancies are no longer

caused by confusion or lack of knowledge and turnover

has improved since installing simPRO; gaining more and

more large contracts and jobs. simPRO gives me the ability

to keep a really tight control over costs.

"I can easily find out what will be costing me and give me

the ability and knowledge to question suppliers why are

you charging me certain prices when in the past you have

charge me another. simPRO is saving me 30% on material

costs which worked out to about $30k in the first year"

Has it helped the visibility of your business

in terms of knowing which direction to steer

the business?

"Absolutely I know exactly where I'm at with money, who

lowe, who owes me. I know how to choose the best

customers. Not all business is good business, simPRO

allows us to discern who the right customers are with

our business strengths and ones better passing off to

someone else. I am able to better manage my staff, by

knowing where to send that guy and to what job.

Life's easy.

"I now have lunch breaks, and I also now have the time

and money to take clients to lunch. I personally do a bit

in the office but I am comfortable knowing the office staff

are confident and comfortable to use simPRO and to do

the day to day tasks of running the business.

"When I first started I had one tradesman, now have 15

with only one admin staff and I am able to sign off after

30 hours a week."

What's the advantage of Digital Pens and

Vehicle Tracking?

"I wanted to avoid the cost of a commercial shed - the

boys don't need to come to the office. The pen saves data

entry, just goes straight into the job, keeps costs down. So

easy for the staff to use and its made a real difference in

terms of data entry.

"The Navman Wireless system we have works well

with simPRO - it has effectively doubled the life of my

company vehicles. The savings in cost are paying for

it itself. It gives me even more confidence in my staff

knowing that they are doing the right thing"

What's next for Connect Services?

"Now I have wholesalers wanting my business. They are looking at ways of how to improve my business. We are 99.9% happy with everything - that's very important"

What would your business be looking like if you hadn't taken on simPRO?

"I'd be a lot worse off; my business is now looking the healthiest it's ever been."

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