alternative treatments and courses in angelic vibrational healing and reiki

alternative treatments and courses in angelic vibrational healing and reiki from Purely Diviine Inspirations

By: Purely Diviine Inspirations  30/11/2010
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I am offering treatments and courses in the comfort of your own homes were we all feel most at ease. I have been a teacher and practitioner for the last 6 years and as well as offering reiki healing and training. I am the founder of angelic vibrational healing technique. I also offer psychic surgery as part of my service.

Angelic vibrational healing is a complete healing system very different from any healing system that has come before it we are bringing through the Divine Vibration in a way that has not been experienced before. This system is not another Reiki system and I am confident in the authenticity of the information that has been channelled through to me by the Egyptian deity Isis, Melchizedek and Spiritual Masters and teachers.

The system itself means a complete transformation in the way that attunements can be achieved we simply allow the Divine to give the attunements to the recipient and this in turn allows the removal of ego from the process, the master simply gets out of the way.

AVHT is different in that you are asking to be a channel for the Divine and you will be working very closely with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Higher forms of consciousness and Intelligence. These beings merge with the practitioner on a very subtle level and can be felt energetically. You will find this to be pleasant experience and one you wish to repeat again and again as you connect more deeply with each healing that you do. 

Another focus of AVHT is the spiritual development of the individual it is recommended that they practise their self healing as much as possible and you are given specific meditation practise with AVHT that helps to clear and revitalise the body to be a pure and clear channel for the Divine. It is during the cleansing process and attunements that we are transformed into a higher vibration and it is up to us to maintain this state of equilibrium. Self healing as in all systems is important before we begin to help others. We first must be able to help ourselves and to practise unconditional love honouring this aspect of the spiritual beings that we are in truth.

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