Utility Mapping Surveyors

By: Pulse Mapping Ltd  25/04/2012
Keywords: gpr, ground penetrating radar, utility mapping

Buried services survey specialists providing you with identification, size, depth and position of all detected buried services and utilities.


A comprehensive Pulse Mapping underground utility survey will combine the techniques of Radio Frequency Location and Ground Penetrating Radar (Ground Probing Radar) to detect and map all metal pipes, plastic pipes, foul and surface drainage systems, electricity cables, telecoms and fibre optic cables.

Final survey results are presented in the form of a CAD drawing with all underground information accurately recorded on to a topographical survey plan.

If required we also provide services mark-out for trial pits and borehole clearance.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys.

Subsurface voiding and the potential hazards that result can be detected and mapped utilising different Ground Penetrating Radar antennae, whether it's buried culverts, underground tunnels or badger setts.

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