By: EasyInsites  28/09/2009
Keywords: market research, research, polls

EasyPanel is our custom panel product, which enables you to talk to your consumers, customers or employees as and when you desire, at a very low cost.   Many companies have databases containing consumers or customers who have provided an email address either through participation in promotional programmes or by visiting one of their websites.  This information is a great source for building a Custom Panel.  Once panelists are registered and profiled, a substantial amount of on-going, in-depth research can be conducted in a much faster and more cost efficient manner.

At EasyInsites, we can build and manage your EasyPanel for you, or alternatively we can assist you in getting started and you can manage as much or as little of it as you would like.  It only takes a few weeks to set up an EasyPanel and once in place, you can then utilise other EasyInsites products, building an effective research programme to suit your needs. You also have the opportunity to “open” your panel to other researchers on the EasyExchange, if and when you desire. EasyExchange provides the opportunity to monetise your panelists with any restrictions and limitations set by you, the panel owner.   

What is most compelling about this approach is the likelihood that you will be compensated for the costs incurred in building, maintaining and using your EasyPanel for your own research purposes.  You can also choose to access other panels within the same EasyExchange platform for those instances when you need to research the larger market. 

Keywords: market research, polls, qualitative, quantitative, research, Research Report