By: Crystal Healing Course - Lemurian  12/05/2011
Keywords: alternative therapies, Reiki Healing, crystal healing

I found the Lemurian Healing Course with Maxine was wonderful.  Each week was a magical experience and the energies were extremely high allowing wonderful healing connections with the Lemurians.  I also made a lot of new spiritual friends who came from different parts of the country thus spreading the beautiful Lemurian energy countrywide.  Maxine made the course very easy to follow and we were all made to feel very welcome and comfortable in her home.  The six weeks went by so quickly and we all felt sad that it had to end.  I thoroughly recommend the course - the love energy is very addictive. Annie B.

I found the Lemurian Healing Course to be on a very high vibration, with amazing meditations and attunements.  The healing was different to what I have experienced previously as I am more used to 'hands on' healing than using a crystal, but it was very effective.  I also found my psychic awareness increased during the course; in fact it is life changing. Part of the importance of the course to me is the people I met in the group; by the end we had a close bond. I thought Maxine was a very good group facilitator as she steered us in a very laid back way, appreciating and listening to everyone with modesty and humour.I really did enjoy the course, it's one of the best I've done (and I've done a lot!)Sandra H

I love the course would recommend it to anyone; I’ m so glad I did the course it has helped me a lot.

Angela x

As a newcomer to exploring crystals it was pleasantly surprising and interesting the scope of this course, practical skills in cleansing charging and using these crystals, self exploration and wonderful shared journeys.  Very powerful healing and a inbued confidence to further enjoy these energies.   The course was sensitively hosted and everyone felt a freedom to question any aspect.   The facilitator was very genuine and the attunements were very real.  I would wholly recommend enrolling.  Kalvin N 

Keywords: alternative therapies, crystal healing, Reiki Healing

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