The Action Plan

The Action Plan from

By:  20/04/2009
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   We will look at your whole business. Your "kerb appeal," the layout of your bars, the quality of your food and drink offer, your stocking policies, your staff and their abilities/training and everything else associated with making your business successful.     We will look at what you are doing well for your customers and what more you could be doing for them.     We will look at ways of boosting your margins by just changing the way you and your staff work and how your pub looks to your existing and prospective customers.   We will pick out the simple things you are not capitalising on. For example, do you know how to boost your AWP income by at least 20% at a cost of just 5 minutes of your time, every day? Just simple things which, perhaps, you are too close to see.   The only thing that I will not cover, other than to give advice, is on legal matters. This is an ever-changing and involved field that needs to be handled by the experts in that precise field.   I keep saying "we." Your total involvement and commitment is essential because you have got to do it long past my departure.

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