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Conflict Management & Resolution Course from Beyond The Blue

By: Beyond The Blue  20/04/2009
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Conflict Management Resolution is a course designed specifically to help candidates deal with conflict, aggression and violence they may face in their workplace. Workplace Violence represents itself in many different forms and does not always mean physical violence, it includes; bulling, verbal aggression, threats and harassment.

Workplace violence is estimated to cost organisations in the UK hundreds of millions of pounds in lost revenue, stress related employee absenteeism, reduced productivity and high employee turnover every year.

Conflict Management and Resolution training helps employees avoid conflict, manage it, reduce its negative effects, resolve it and progress towards a working environment free of violence.

Who should attend this course?

Conflict Management and Resolution is tailored specifically for each individual client and is based on the specific needs of those attending. The course is designed for anyone working in an environment where they have direct contact with the public or sections of the community where conflict arises. It particularly targets employees whose line of work may bring them into direct contact with aggressive or violent individuals, in order for them to complete their duties.

We already work with clients from a wide variety of sectors including; hospitality industry • retail • health service • transport • revenue inspection • local councils • security industry • event / venue stewards • education • traffic control • licensed retail • emergency services.

We welcome enquiries from any sector as the course would benefit clients from any sector where any level of Workplace Violence occurs.

What does the course cover?

Basic elements of effective communication • Blocks to communication • Winning trust • Win – wins and 'gifts' • Communication styles • Signalling Non-aggression (Open PALMS model) • Eye contact • Active listening • Determining space and distance • Stance • Dynamic risk assessment • Levels of Risk • Evaluating risk (P.O.P.S. model) • Positive Response (S.A.F.E.R. model) • Human Behaviour & Responses • Emotional vs. Rational brain • Fight or Flight • The human behaviour cycle • Body language • The human display process • Defusing High Risk Conflict • Signs of escalation • Triggers & inhibitors • Stimulus response • The 4A’s • Empathy • Contact & cover (working as a team) • Review of health & safety law • Review of criminal law • Review of common law • Law in relation to the use of force • Post incident support • Recording and reporting • Report writing • Learning from the incident • Sharing good practice • Support services

What is the outcome of the course?

Candidates will be able to apply their newly gained knowledge and skills to manage and reduce conflict in their workplace. They will adopt a fresh approach to dealing with aggressive and violent individuals and protect themselves better from the unknown risk of violence that occurs in their workplace. Many of their new skills will also result in candidates offering better levels of customer service.

On successfully completing the Conflict Management and Resolution course, candidates will receive an individually numbered certificate of completion from Beyond The Blue.

How is the course assessed?

There is no examination and candidates are awarded the certificate for successfully completing the course, providing they take a full and active part throughout all sessions and satisfy the instructor of their comprehension of the subject.

Who accredits the course?

The course is accredited by Beyond The Blue.

Why choose Beyond The Blue as your training provider?

At Beyond The Blue we employ only specialist instructors to run our courses; all our instructors have extensive experience in the relevant fields. They train with the objective of helping candidates not just complete the course, but of gaining the skills and knowledge to succeed and be more effective in their workplace.

The experience of our instructors brings the subject they are teaching to life. Our training is based on a variety of training methods and comprises open learning, classroom based learning, scenario based learning, group work and interactive discussion; this approach allows us to meet the preferred learning styles of all candidates.

Our success is measured in the success of those people we train, we are focussed on providing excellence in customer service both pre and post training.

Beyond The Blue is a ‘BIIAB Grade 1’ Training Centre (The BIIAB describe Grade 1 as ‘demonstrating outstanding quality procedures’),

Additional information

To complement our professional training, we provide candidates attending our courses with a selection of comprehensive course hand-outs. These come together to form a training folder candidates can refer back to, in order to refresh their skills and knowledge.

Our Conflict Management and Resolution courses look at the theory of managing conflict with a view to resolving it before it turns to violence. For environments where there is a higher risk of physical violence, we would recommend that clients also consider a course in Physical Intervention (PI) to provide employees with low-impact personal safety techniques.

Conflict Management and Resolution not only reduces the risk from aggression, harassment and violence it also has the added benefit that many employers find it improves the customer service skills of their employees. This added benefit can be a real boost to the business itself.

The course fee is £120.00 + vat (all inclusive of course materials, tuition & certification) per candidate. Discounts may be available where we train at our clients own premises.

Call us now on 0845 602 55 95 or email us at to book a course. Please visit our website for further details 

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