Thymosan spray

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  21/11/2010
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Use: for disinfecting footwear, socks and clothes.

Description: has strong disinfecting effects and prevents further spread of spores in fungal diseases (resistant fungi germinal stages) in clothing.

The preparation was tested by the State Health Institute (the centre for hygiene at work and professional diseases), in the Reference Laboratory for CEM Mycobacteria, the Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology and the Chief Public Health Officer of the Czech Republic.

Effects: disinfecting. Range of disinfecting effects – undiluted preparation shows bactericide, fungicide and virucide effects after 5 minutes of allowing the preparation to work and letting it dry with sufficient reserve in disinfecting performance. Disinfecting effects on mycobacteria - the preparation is suitable in concentrated condition, with a period of action 60 minutes, it is used for disinfection items (socks, footwear, etc.) contaminated with bacteria (e.g. M. tuberculosis, M. avium).

Aroma: spicy, pharmaceutical.

Ingredients: clove essential oil, thymol, alcohol denatured with isopropanol.

Application of THYMOSAN
Apply an adequate amount of undiluted preparation using a sprayer on footwear, socks or clothes. Long-term and perfect effects can be achieved if you put such treated items into a plastic bag and close immediately. A „Thymosan environment“ will be created, in which neither fungi nor any other pathogenic bodies have a chance to multiply and survive.

Warning: This is a safe preparation in compliance with Act No. 356/2003 Coll. as amended. It is highly flammable due to the high content of alcohol, which is a carrier of the effective aroma -therapeutic substances. You are not allowed to apply it close to open flames or smoke

TIP: Thymosan is suitable for additional care of the feet together with N Stop and H Stop.

Shelf time: 30 months

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