Natural Childbirth kit - labour and post natal care

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  22/11/2010
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Set of 3 products specially made for Mothers to use just before, during, and after childbirth.

This set has been used in Hospitals and Maternity wards to provide natural childbirth as it can be.

This set contains following Original ATOK products:

Lemon face lotion 130ml: bottle with spray (lemon essential oil, panthenol, water) – has refreshing, antiseptic, tonic, oxytocic effect

Backache massage oil 20ml: has sedative, stress relieving effect, acts as pain killer, warming muscles, and release strained muscles (lower back).
Ingredients: St. John’s Wort and Soya macerates, essential oils – lavender, clove and marjoram.

Please consult this product with your Doctor.

Rosemary bath oil (20 ml) – suitable for bathing or shower during first period of labour when vaginal finding is 4-5cm. It has stimulating, blood promoting, deodorizing and antiseptic properties, activates body functions and strengthens vitality and concentration.
Ingredients: almond, soya and jojoba plant oils, essential oils – rosemary, cinnamon, cajeput, emulsifier, chlorophyll and vitamins A, E.

Warning: Do not use in pregnancy when suffering from high blood pressure, epilepsy or bleeding.

TIP: to support healing and to comfort mucous membrane after birth we recommend which can be ordered separately.

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