LYMPHA body wrap with Caffeine

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  02/12/2010
Keywords: Beauty, skin care, Aromatherapy Products

Improved recipe of preparation which can be used throughout the body, has a very nice texture, pleasant aroma of pine needles, and creamy consistency. Easy pack for professional and home use, refreshing, stimulates local blood circulation; promote lymph flow and drainage of toxins from the body. Contained caffeine counteracts fat storage in fat cells, which positively affects the adverse symptoms of cellulite.

Body wrap Lympha with caffeine certifies in poor blood circulation of the lower limbs, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, or recovery of injured muscles, joints and bones. It is beneficial for swollen and tired legs after strenuous physical exercise.

Use: Intended for wraps - legs, buttocks, arms and other body parts.

Recommendation: treatment of cellulite, a beneficial effect on swollen and tired feet.

Description: easy to use wrap, suitable for professional and home use.

Effects: refreshes, stimulates local blood circulation, stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluids and helps discharge waste products of metabolism, contained caffeine counteracts fat storage to fat cells, which positively affects the adverse symptoms of cellulite.

Aroma: fresh, coniferous.

Ingredients: Vegetable oils - soybean and jojoba, essential oils - oregano and juniper, emulsifiers, wax, glycerin, panthenol, caffeine, vitamin E, pro-vitamins, water, chlorophyll.

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy.

Application: Apply an adequate amount of preparation in a thin layer on skin, cover with foil and then add special heat-insulating layer (eg, blanket) and relax. Leave work 20-40 minutes. Frequency of use is individual.

Volume: 50 - 100ml recommended for home use, 250 - 500 - 1000ml for professionals (register for discount)

Keywords: Aromatherapy Products, Beauty, massage products, skin care

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