Lippason lips protection balm

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  21/11/2010
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To maintain the natural elasticity of the skin, it is necessary to regenerate collagen fibbers ability to maintain moisture. To achieve this objective, we can help regeneration with medication Original ATOK. Best for lips and their protection against adverse climatic influences and UV radiation is a protective balm Lippason. It regenerates the skin and lips, increasing its flexibility. Substances contained in it - , natural unbleached beeswax, protective factor, and and vitamin A – work great on cracked, dried or otherwise damaged lips. High sun protection factor (approximately SPF10) ensures reliable protection of the skin and lips while at sea or the mountains. Excellent alternative to Lippason is also and or .

Use: for treating the lips.

Recommendation: apply to fissured, dried or otherwise injured lips as a result of unfavourable weather and UV-radiation and also as protection from such effects.

Its high protection factor (approximately OF10) guarantees reliable protection of the lip skin if at the seaside or in the mountains.

Effects: has regenerating effects, enhances flexibility of the lip skin and protects it from weather influences.

Aroma: delicate, neutral.

Ingredients: jojoba plant oil, natural unbleached wax, protection factor, vitamins A, E.

Application of LIPPASON balm
Rub the lips with the preparation in unfavourable weather or as protection from UV-radiation as need be.

Warning: the preparation thickens on cold days so it is difficult to spread

Shelf time: 30 months

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