Lemon - Camphor bath oil

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  20/11/2010
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is a preparation, which gives us a great refreshment and encouragement. is pressed from the outer rind of lemon, is pale green, and has a fresh aroma and sweet taste. It is very popular, as it offers a rich variety of effects - tonic, active against infections and viruses, silent convulsions, has anti-sclerosis effects, stimulates digestion, is mildly diuretic, strengthens immunity, and pancreas. Good effect on the psyche - soothes and refreshes, purifies, dispels confusion and moderates worry. Another part is . It is contained in wood “camphor”, most at the bottom of the trunk. When cooking pieces of camphor wood the oil appears on the surface, after cooling the water, it “freezes” and by steam distillation we obtain camphor essential oil. Camphor oil stimulates the heart and breathing (particularly in heart attacks), used to shock, relieves bloating, stimulates digestion slightly, positively operates in bronchitis, flu, colds, coughs and other respiratory problems, regenerates and relieves strained and stiff muscles.

Use: for bath

Recommendation: use for fatigue and tiredness, muscle pain and tense muscles.

Effects: comforts and refreshes, promotes blood circulation, promotes skin metabolism, has deodorizing and antiseptic effects.

Skin type: all types, particularly oily and inflamed.

Aroma: strong citrus fruit-menthol.

Ingredients: plant oils - almond, soya bean and jojoba, essential oils – lemon, camphor and menthol, emulsifier, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, vitamins A, E.

Shelf time: 12 months

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