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By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  21/11/2010
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Your product has been known to me for over ten years. I would like to address them more professional, but it is still just a dream. My reality are two little rascals, who now fill my days and often nights. From childhood I have had various gynecological problems. Special intimate soaps, or appendectomy as a potential agent of inflammation never helped. The only benefit was to change the way of life and thinking, but it's a long story ... The situation deteriorated again in pregnancy, childbirth, and fatigue. My boys need me 17 hours a day. I can not take time off without grandmothers. My wonderful husband fills in at almost everything but he is the breadwinner and must also work. Therefore, I am so grateful for the Intima - much helps me maintain a healthy body. Any "inconvenience" will be reflected on my mood, aproach to children and husband, and so if they could, they would also give thanks to Original ATOK. Thanks to Intima I am more than a year "cool". My friend (a mother with similar long-term problems) has also tested Intima on my recommendation and when discussing the price, she said: "Do not ask, Intima is simply priceless! After all, how much cost medication, prescription, waiting at the doctor ... and I am now without any problems! "

Use: for intimate hygiene for women.

Description: treats the mucous membrane of your genital organs in a caring and physiological way, without disturbing its natural symbiotic micro-flora.

It contains high quality plant and essential oils, meets all requirements for care of the skin.

Effects: has regenerating effects, heals, softens and smoothens, counteracts bacteria and fungi, has deodorizing effects.

Aroma: fine herbal.

Ingredients: plant oils– soya bean , almond and jojoba, essential oils – lavender, thyme and clove, emulsifier, vitamins A, E.

Application of wash oils for intimate hygiene
Apply the appropriate amount of wash oil to the intimate areas and wash with water. The preparation is suitable for everyday use. Apart from intimate hygiene, Baby Intimka, Intima as well as Intimus can also be used as fine shower oils to treat the skin of the whole body

Shelf time: 12 months

Keywords: Aromatherapy Oils, Aromatherapy Products, Beauty, Cosmetic Products, skin care

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