Herpason lips balm - herpes simplex cure

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  21/11/2010
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Use: for treating the lips.

Recommendation: suitable for use on herpes – small and painful lesions caused by the Herpes simplex virus.

Effective ingredients contained in the preparation regenerate the lip skin and increase its flexibility and prevent the herpes from drying and fissuring painfully. The balm is also suitable for preventing fissuring due to unfavourable weather.

Description: Most people live with the Herpes simplex virus inside the body for all their life, without the virus manifesting itself. It activates, i.e. herpes develops particularly when the body is weakened. Antiseptic substances contained in Herpason counteract the virus directly.

Effects: has antiseptic, therapeutic and regenerating effects, increases flexibility of the lip skin.

Aroma: bitter, specific spicy.

Ingredients: jojoba plant oil, essential tea tree oil, natural un-bleached beeswax.

Application of HERPASON balm
Rub into the fissured and painful spots on the lips several times a day.

Warning: the preparation thickens on cold days and it is difficult to spread the preparation because Herpason contains beeswax

TIP: Herpason is a balm with nearly universal effects. Customers use it successfully on herpes or on fissured skin, lesions, bruises and inflamed places, acne, some also on haemorrhoids.

Shelf time: 30 months

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