Hemp massage balm

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  21/11/2010
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After the successful launch of the hemp plant oils, and later, hemp body lotion (we are pleased that these products have really praised), we bring to market our third product with a hemp oil - Hemp balm. It has a stiffer consistency than milk or oil because in addition to its base consists also , a product which in the cosmetic world is becoming increasingly popular. Shea butter is a whitish to yellowish white solid fat obtained from the seeds of a tree called the African Shea Tree or Shea butter. It features high content of nutrients and amazing ability to regenerate and hydrate the skin. To hemp balm we further add the . With all these elements have significant moisturizing effects, nourishes and keeps skin elastic and smooth. It is an excellent means for various skin problems, finds its application especially in eczema and psoriasis. Suitable for regeneration, tossed in a smooth and extremely dry, peeling off, stiff and inflexible skin. It can be used both on face and whole body.

We believe that this preparation will for many become a popular part of everyday care.

Use: similar to cream and/or gentle massage

Recommendation: suitable for dry, sloughy, kernel skin, eczema or psoriasis, after sun skin treatment

Description: neutral preparation which can be enriched with essential oils according to individual needs

Effects: softens, smoothing, calming, regenerative, helps to balance skin Ph, moisturize, comforting

Properties: very well absorbs and slips, the skin remain smooth

Aroma: mild, neutral

Ingredients: plant oils – hemp seed, shea butter, vitamine E

apply the required amount of balm onto the skin or lips and massage in. Observe safe dosing if you create your individual formulations with hemp seed massage balm

Shelf time: 30 months

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