Haemorrhoids treatment oil - intimate hygiene and inflammation (acne,etc.)

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  22/11/2010
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Your cosmetics is well known and I have been using Original ATOK for some time. I am very pleased that you offer oil treatment for haemorrhoids which I will commit, help in almost everything.

Given that we have more children - four girls and a "desired" boy, I use it very often just for kids. It is an excellent example for insect bites or when flushed with cold nose. We achieved excellent results in healing scars. If any of the children have abrasions, every after treatment with this oil swelling and redness soon disappear. Our children love its very pleasant aroma.

I bought this oil originally for my husband to treat haemorrhoids. As a cancer patient he undergoes various tests, and this oil most helped him and now has almost no trouble.

Also is a great help not only in flatulence, but also during lactation. All the children I nursed for very long time and I’m still breastfeeding my two years old son. Popular are almost all your products, whether a creams, balms and essential oils – our children love them.

I think cosmetics Original ATOK belongs to one of the best. I would like to add courage to all people who struggle with cancer. Don’t give up!  Like us, with the help of doctors and family try to fight the disease. Although, I admit, sometimes it is very difficult.

Thank you for your great products and look forward to more news!

Regular use of this oil significantly helps strengthen vein walls. Especially thanks to contained volatile oils (essential oil) cypress and sage known for astringent effects. Their work is comparable with the example of oak bark decoctions often used. As an oil basis of this preparation was used vegetable oil from soya, almond and St. John's Wort macerate. The mixture is supplemented with vitamins A and E. Apply this preparation 2-3x a day to affected area by gentle massaging, always after hygienic procedure.

Use: haemorrhoids treatment or prevention, suitable for both gender, volume 50ml

Effects: heals and soften, calming

Aroma: fine herbal, forest

Ingredients: plant oils - soya bean, almond, plant oil macerate - st.john's wort, essential oils - cypress, sage, vitamine A, E.

Application of wash oils for intimate hygiene
Apply the appropriate amount of oil to the intimate areas after hygienic procedure. The preparation is suitable for everyday use, apply 2-3x day.

Shelf time: 12 months

WARNING: do not use during pregnancy

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