Dermal G10 - hard corny skin removal cream

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  21/11/2010
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Use: for the treatment of keratinised feet skin.

Description: fine and delicate plant preparation whose effective substances make the skin softer and allow for easy removal of keratinised layers of skin.

It works physiologically and keeps the skin soft for a long time. It is a neutral preparation, which can be enriched with essential oils as need be.

Effects: softens and smoothens foot skin.

Aroma: fine, neutral.

Ingredients: soya bean plant oil, emulsifiers, glycerine, wax, pro-vitamins, water.

Application of Dermal G10
Rub a small amount of cream into the affected areas after the bath. Maximum effect is achieved with a 20–30 minute wrap using a special film. After this time the skin will become softer and the rough skin can be very easily mechanically removed. For this purpose, use pumice stone or a special scraper. Scalpels and blades with different movements rather leave to experts as it is definitely not for home use. When developing individual recipes observe safe dosing – please see the table „Recommended concentrations" of essential oils and their blends in plant bases

Shelf time: 6 months

TIP: Balm Intisan also for feet
Although special balm is designed to treat intimate body parts, it is easy to apply in foot skin care, especially if it is dry or cracked. Try the highly healing and restorative effects by wrapping the feet.

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