Coffee facial scrub

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  02/12/2010
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is sensitive, mechanically active peeling cream with a relaxing pleasant aroma of fresh coffee effectively remove dead surface cells, smooths the skin, promote blood circulation and stimulates metabolism. Coffee peelings are suitable for all skin types, except eczema and very sensitive. Facial Scrub is a fine grit.

Use: for skin care, massage, exfoliating the face.

Peel Type: mechanical.

Consistency: Creamy emulsion with cocoa mass NATURE.

Abrasive particles: fine grain.

Description: Scrub with a freshly roasted ground Arabica Peru (SHB EP Organics Fair Trade), supplemented by the particles of apricot seeds.

Effects: removes dead surface skin cells (called exfoliation), smoothes, improves circulation, stimulates metabolism in the skin. Skin type: all, except eczematous and very sensitive.

Aroma: Coffee.

Ingredients: vegetable oil almond, coffee ARABICA Peru (SHB EP Organics Fair Trade), Natura cocoa mass, cocoa butter, abrasive particles of the apricot seeds, glycerin, pro-vitamins, beta-glucan, vitamin E, an emulsifier and water.

Warning: Never do perform the peeling on skin with dilated blood vessels, the so-called venectasia. Incorrect and too intense peeling can damage your skin.

Tip: To make facial peeling easier, apply a small amount of hydrophilic oil Original ATOK prior to procedure. Hydrophilic oil also helps to remove the peel better. During massage the exfoliating emulsion can be coated by water (oil or lotion Original ATOK), but make selection according to your skin type.

Application of facial peeling:
Apply to wet skin with a reasonable amount of preparation and perform gentle circular massage movements. Remove residue after peeling massage with a wet swab and clean the skin. Length of procedure and frequency of use depends on individual needs and skin type.

Volume: 50 - 100ml recommended for home use, 250 - 500 - 1000ml for professionals (register for discount)

Keywords: Aromatherapy Products, Beauty, Cosmetic Products, massage products, skin care

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