Baby nasal oil

By: VenBella, Wellness and Spa  21/11/2010
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Use: for treatment of children’s nose mucous membrane.

Recommendation: suitable for use on colds and for preventing rhinitis, protects the nose mucous membrane from drying and unfavourable environmental effects. The mucous membrane becomes more resistant to irritation or diseases if used regularly.

Description: does not contain menthol, which can induce temporary unpleasant sensations in children. This preparation was tested by the Institute of Pediatry, Midwifery and Gynaecology of the Ukraine on many newborn children showing high prenatal risk of developing infection. The results unambiguously confirmed its favourable influence on increasing the resistance of the nose mucous membrane and restoring its natural micro flora.

Effects: has anti-microbial effects, prevents disease-producing bacteria from depositing and reproducing, softens and protects from drying.

Aroma: fine herbal, typical chamomile.

Ingredients: plant oils – soya bean, almond and jojoba, St. John’s-wort oil macerate, essential oils – German chamomile and lavender, vitamins A, E.

Application of nose oils
Always apply one drop of the oil to both nostrils several times a day. Use a cotton bud for young children. Once applied, a very fine protective oil film will form on the mucous membrane.

TIP: some customers use the preparation for hay fever, as it sooths the irritated mucous membrane.

Shelf time: 12 months

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