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By: JWN Personal Training  17/06/2013
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GROUP FAT LOSS INTRODUCING OUR GROUP FAT LOSS TRAINING “Modified Strongman” Have you ever found yourself dieting to a point of collapse, calorie counting that never ends or paying hundreds of pounds for gym membership or slimming clubs and seeing very little or no result. If so this page is for you. You might ask why all of the above don’t work? All of that effort and so little reward? Introducing you to the group training for fat loss, strength and stamina that will sculpt and tighten your body and not just make you a softer, skinnier, smaller version of you! I have put together a high intensity workout that will incinerate fat and get you fit in a short time by using the principles of “modified strongman, athletic, and dynamic training”. My problem with most Boot Camp classes is that whilst they can get you fit, they are certainly not the most effective way to get yourself in shape. From my experience I noticed that they provide a short term fix. Our training sets you for life. This will change the way you exercise for ever. We’re not after a short term fix! So what is Modified Strongman training? (Don’t let the name scare you) Now, reading the above and seeing “strongman training” will make 99% of you go to the next bootcamp thinking this will be for 300lb men pulling trucks and throwing kegs over their heads. Not to worry, think lean, athletic and toned. Modified strongman for fat loss is using the principles that deliver functional movements that raise the metabolism, promote fat burning and improve strength and endurance. In the nut shell, getting you out of the office environment and sitting at a desk and harking back to what are ancestors had done in their everyday lives. So whereas jumping jacks, burpees, and running around in the park are all good for you and will certainly help you get fitter, you need to look at elevating your metabolism and keeping it there by using sufficient resistance for your muscles, not just the calories burned by doing it. The group fat loss training has been put together as a high intensity workout to elevate your heart rate, incinerate fat and get you fit. It will keep burning calories for hours and hours after each session. It will challenge and push your muscles through natural movement patterns – one of the key things lacking from old fashioned bodyweight type circuits. And this is not just for men, this training benefits women more so. Getting you out of the cycle of light weights and constant cardio as brainwashed by media and inexperienced knowledge. Whats Involved? To put it simply, we will have you: Pulling, carrying and running with heavy objects such as: Weighted sled, sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes and much more. This will help you to burn some serious amount of calories by using the largest muscles in your body to burn maximum fat. And that's not all we'll have you doing but we need to keep some of the other stuff under wraps to keep our sessions mysterious... When: 9am every Saturday / 7pm every Tuesday. Where: South Norwood Park Cost: £35 for 4 sessions. Group size: Max 12 people.

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