By: James Retro  25/02/2009
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The man behind James-Retro is an independent motorcycle and trike specialist builder, as well as a committed motorcycle rider. James has over 31 years experience in the trade. We specialise in Harley Davidson custom work, but also customise, service and repair both British, European and Japanese makes of bikes. Recently, we have completed customising a HD Softail Custom into a trike that handles and looks brilliant, more projects online (  
Please don’t think that just because “all you need is a service” that we can’t help you.  All motorcycles need to be maintained in order for them to operate correctly so please ask for prices.  Although James tends to get the jobs no-one else can do, ie. Motorcycles that have been stored in a garden shed for 5 years and don’t run, to ones that just don’t ride properly, he would welcome some simple services just for a change.If your bike is worth peanuts to you, then take it to the monkey’s. If however, it’s special and you would like it treated with respect and care then bring it to us. No matter the size of your “dream” we can help you achieve it. Be it a few minor alterations, better running or a custom bike or trike. Come and see us for an informal chat and a cuppa, we are open 5 1/2 days a week, all that we ask is that you give us a call first in case we’re out as we do offer a local breakdown service. If you're online email us with your query. We hope to see you soon

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