Laptop Repair

By: The IT Partnership  19/07/2009
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Here at the IT Partnership we can handle any of your laptop repairs or upgrade needs, covering everything from loose power connectors, damaged screens, spillages, keyboard problems, memory upgrades , software issues, virus infections, and much more.
Most repairs can be handled in-house at our offices . Some of the more specialist repairs (board level, soldering DC connectors etc) are sent away to our specialist repair facility.In either case you can be assured of a professionally executed job.

Backlight or Inverter repairs
If your screen has gone very dark and you can barely make anything out then the chances are that either your back light or the screens inverter (the backlights power source). This means that either one of them components might need replacing, or in some cases the whole screen could need replacing.


·         Damaged or cracked screens
If you have damaged your screen and are either getting strange patterns or no display at all then you may need the screen to be replaced. We have access to pretty much any screen for any make or model of laptop.


·         DC Jack replacement
If your laptop wont charge properly or it keeps flickering from AC to battery power then there is a good chance that your DC Jack has come loose or is damaged. This will either need re-soldering or replacing completely.


·         Liquid Spillages
Liquid can cause serious damage if spilt onto a laptop, the extent of the damage depends on how quickly the laptop was powered off after the spillage and the type liquid that was spilt. We can take the laptop apart and dry off each component before checking the laptop to if anything has failed as a result of the liquid.




·         Time scale of repairs
Once the laptop is in our office it will get on the bench for the initial inspection either the same day, or the following working day (depending on what time it reaches us and our volume of work). After the initial inspection the repair will go one of two ways:


In house
If the repair is something that can be done in our work shop then you will be given a quote and an ETA depending on time.  Depending on parts that may be needed most laptop repairs can be done in 3 – 4 working days. If a part or service will take longer than this then the customer will be notified.


Repair Facility
If the machine needs to be sent away to our repair facility then you will be informed and once consent is given it will be shipped off. A quotation will normally be with us within 3 working days and once again depending on parts needed you will be informed on how long the repair will take.

Keywords: computer services, SUPPORT