By: Town & Country Legal Services LLP  08/06/2011
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Our first aim is to achieve payment by mediation, negotiation and communication. This generally produces the best outcomes in our experience.

There are times when this strategy does not work, and it becomes necessary to use legal processes. We understand the various stages involved, and appreciate the cost implications, and so we will carry out an analysis of the costs involved and the likelihood of success before recommending legal action in these cases.

No action would commence without the full knowledge of our clients of the costs involved, and the risk of losing the case – or winning the case and still not being paid.

We are aware of many successful legal actions where County Court Judgments are obtained, often on-line by creditors, but not enforced or unenforceable because debtors have no assets, or have disappeared.

Mediation is a lot quicker and can result in a mutually acceptable agreement for both parties. Compromises can be reached with regards to payment method, financial and non-financial areas. Courts view Mediation in a favourable light as an alternative form of dispute resolution. Having offered Mediation before legal proceedings shows the court that you have tried everything possible before this point to resolve the matter, and may lead to them viewing your case more favourably.

When the need arises and it is appropriate, we have numerous effective legal remedies. Our personnel work closely with our legal team resulting in the best possible result being obtained as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Our debt recovery activities are complemented with legal fees lower than those of high street solicitors, furthermore minimising unnecessarily high fees that may be incurred. In most circumstances we are able to offer our clients litigation at a fixed price, providing greater clarity and aiding you in your decisions and planning of potential action.

In summary, we believe that legal action should be taken only when all other avenues have been exhausted; even at this stage a clear commercial decision needs to be made.

Keywords: legal services, Litigation

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