Yaktrax Pro ice grips

Yaktrax Pro ice grips from Yaktrax

By: Yaktrax  02/01/2010
Keywords: ice cleats, Traction Device

Working outdoors where it is icy underfoot and need non skid safety footwear for ice?  Going stir crazy because you can't go out running or jogging on icy pavements or fottpaths?  Then try Yaktrax Pro ice grips.

Heavier duty coils take more of a pounding than the lighter Yaktrax Walker, and the retaining strap over the top of your shoe or boot makes the Yaktrax more secure.

Great for serious walkers, runners, postmen, milkmen, dustmen, oil workers, farm and stable work, or wherever you might spend a lot of time walking on packed snow and icy.

Yaktrax Pro give superb grip on packed snow and ice, especially in freeze-thaw-freeze conditions which make the ice so dangerous underfoot.  Known in the US as an ice traction device, we call them ice grips because that is what they do!

The coils of the Yaktrax Pro give all round traction and there are no spikes to cut yourself on when you're done working or running for the day.   Yaktrax Pro bring a whole new dimansion to the idea of ice cleats.

Keywords: ice cleats, Traction Device