A Nasty Shock

A Nasty Shock from Dangerspot Books

By: Dangerspot Books  06/01/2011
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 Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends are playing with their video games just before breakfast when the computer suddenly goes off. They examine the wiring and Harey puts his screwdriver into the electricity plug and gets a nasty shock.
During breakfast Harey sticks a knife into the toaster to retrieve his toast and gets another shock, but then receives a third one when he fills up the kettle and plugs it into the mains with wet hands.
Finally, whilst playing football in the garden, Harey kicks the ball over the hedge into an electrical substation and tries to retrieve the ball. Scampi stops him from climbing over the fence and telephones the electricity board for help. A Central Networks electricity man brings them their ball back safely.
32 pages, full colour

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