FLARECHEQ from Trianglia

By: Trianglia  24/02/2009
Keywords: gas, Well Testing, Flare Simulation


· Prediction of heat flux from temporary hydrocarbon flares used during welltesting, clean-up or underbalanced drilling operations.

· Heat shadow from single or multiple water screens. Graphic representation of incidence of heat.

· Specific receptor point analysis (Lifeboats, gas bottles, fuel tanks etc.) - Reported as heat flux or surface temperature option available.

· Rigging heat analysis - Heat flux interpreted as rigging equilibrium temperature in still or moving air and compared to maximum design temperature of rigging. Temperatures are not black body figures.

· Oil flare modelled on burner design, air consumption and G.O.R.

· API interpretation and acceptance criteria or customised interpretation.

· Analysis of water injection into oil and gas flares.

· Flameout prediction.

· Fallout and burnback warning with recommended remedial action.


Keywords: Flare Simulation, gas, Offshore Gas Flare, Offshore Oil Burner, Well Testing,