Soapnuts, low cost ~ eco friendly detergent

Soapnuts, low cost ~ eco friendly detergent from

By:  27/11/2009
Keywords: Soap Nuts, Green Cleaners, Eco Friendly Cleaners

Soapnuts ~ cheaper than traditional cleaners and sustainable.
Soapnuts. Natures 100% natural Eco Friendly Detergent. Soapnuts are the  low cost green laundry cleaning alternative and Soapnuts are hypo-allergenic Soapnuts are a wonderful, simple natural product has been about for ages. Soapnuts grow on trees which have a fruitful life of about 90 years. Soapnuts are actually a berry and only the Shell of the Soapnut is used - when immersed in hot water they release saponin a natural surfactant which breaks down the surface tension of the water to permit the release of dirt in the washing. Shopnuts are amazing they are sustainable, biodegradable, compostable and are  hypo-allergenic. And you can also boil Soapnut shells for use as a hand soap, shampoo and even washing the dog - we've got customers who wash their gee gee's with it. Environmentally friendly - kind to nature even the dirty washing water can be sprayed on the lawn or flowers.
It's so easy to use - just place 4-6 shells in the draw string bag supplied ..although we prefer to use a sock or the end of an old stocking, tie the end nice and tight place it in with the next wash, hey presto job done, you can use that same bag or sock of Soapnuts for a total of three washes. The soap nut shell... possibly the best ecological and environmentally friendly green laundry product on the planet. But the benefit of using Soapnuts doesn't end there because wash for wash Soapnuts are considerably cheaper to use than those nasty toxic chemical powders. - Go on give them a try!! We think they are great and hope that you will too.

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