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By: Kuk Sool Won of Sudbury  19/07/2012
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Kuk Sool has countless techniques derived from the three branches of traditional Korean martial arts (Sah Doh Mu Sool [Tribal Martial Arts], Bool Kyo Mu Sool [Buddhist Martial Arts] and Koong Joong Mu Sool [Royal Court Arts]) and is structured to take a practitioner in a logical progression from the beginning all the way up to Master level. Kuk Sool Won ™ has been actively promoted worldwide by the World Kuk Sool Association, and it is also recognized in the martial arts community as one of the most effective and comprehensive systems of traditional Korean martial arts in existence today. Hand Striking 1. Closed and open hand striking methods: including palm, wrist, finger striking techniques and specialized hand training techniques 2. Pressure point striking 3. Striking using arm and shoulder 4. Blocking and parrying Leg Techniques 1. Foundational kicks 2. Spinning kicks 3. Jumping kicks 4. Combination kicks 5. Double leg kicks 6. Pressure point kicking 7. Specialty kicking Throwing and Grappling 1. Body throws 2. Projection Throws 3. Leg throws 4. Pressure point grappling 5. Grappling Defence 6. Wrestling Techniques 7. Ground Fighting Joint-Locking Techniques 1. Restraining methods 2. Joint breaking techniques 3. Combination joint locking 4. Control and redirection techniques 5. Arresting and "come along" techniques Falling Techniques and Acrobatics 1. Body conditioning and agility techniques 2. Body protection techniques 3. Acrobatics for defence and offence Body Conditioning 1. Overall stretching and flexibility training 2. Cardiovascular conditioning 3. Muscle training 4. Ligament and tendon strengthening 5. Joint flexibility and conditioning Animal-Style Techniques Techniques based on the movements and/or characteristics of certain "martial" animals such as Tiger, Preying Mantis, Crane, Dragon, Snake, etc Traditional Korean Weapons 1. Sword: short, middle, long, single or double, straight or inverted 2. Staff: short, middle, long, single or double 3. Jool Bong 4. Spear 5. Cane 6. Rope 7. Fan There are 24 different traditional Korean Royal Court weapons in the curriculum of Kuk Sool Won ™ plus Buddhist and family weaponry. Martial Art Healing Methods (beginning at Instructor Level) 1. Acupressure 2. Acupuncture 3. Internal energy systems 4. Herbal medicine Meditation and Breathing Techniques 1. Various breath control techniques 2. Meditation and breathing postures 3. Concentration techniques

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