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By: Stratech Scientific Ltd  30/07/2015
Keywords: Primary Cells, Molecular Biology, Cell Culture

The use of mammalian cells for the expression of recombinant proteins, particular of secretory origin, offers many advantages e.g. accurate protein folding or complex glycosylation. MEXi (Mammalian Expression IBA) is an economic mammalian expression system in which all components are optimized to work with each other.

It includes a well transfecting expression vector backbone ( pDSG-IBA ), a HEK293/EBNA cell line ( MEXi-293E ) adapted to suspension growth, MEXi Culture Medium and MEXi Tranfection Medium . Due to their low biotin content, the cell culture media are perfectly adjusted to our Strep ‑tag® protein purification technology.

The MEXi system offers all essential components for efficient protein expression in mammalian cells:

  • It comprises a perfectly matched HEK293E cell line, cell culture media and expression vectors to provide high protein yields without further optimization
  • Transient expression for time and cost efficient protein production
  • Efficient nuclear import and extrachromosomal replication due to vector encoded EBV origin of replication (oriP) and EBNA-1 provided by MEXi-293E cells
  • Multiple expression vectors with different features
  • Optimized for Twin-Strep-tag/Strep-Tactin system for highly pure proteins

Where can I find more information about IBA?

Visit the manufacturer page at, email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1638 782600.

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Keywords: Cell Culture, cell line, mammalian expression system, MEXi, Molecular Biology, Primary Cells, Tranfection Medium,

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