Commercial property boom? Suffolk & Norfolk say, "YES!"

Commercial property boom? Suffolk & Norfolk say, "YES!" from S and N Cladding Ltd.

By: S and N Cladding Ltd.  24/07/2010
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Suffolk and Norfolk in Essex!  

Another major “Regeneration” contract for Suffolk & Norfolk Cladding!Suffolk and Norfolk Cladding announced earlier this week the commencement of a major “Regeneration” project at Colchester’s Hythe in conjunction with Chartered Surveyors and Property Consultants Whybrow’s of Colchester.

The 6 figure commercial “Regeneration” programme is expected to last 10 weeks and includes stylish new fascias, cladding and insulation to 28 commercial units.

Suffolk & Norfolk Cladding’s Marketing Manager Peter Masters said “We are delighted that Suffolk and Norfolk Cladding have been chosen to carry out this “Regeneration” project, as a company we cannot stress enough that contemporary looking commercial and industrial properties always command higher rental revenues and become occupied more quickly.   We feel very strongly that much of the unoccupied commercial property that has become available since late 2007 is in need of a new look and despite popular belief this can be carried out very cost effectively.  With office accommodation, it is important for both owners and property managers to fully appreciate that during any “Regeneration” programme insulation can effectively be brought up to current Part L insulation standards very easily and this can make significant heating cost savings for the prospective occupier.  We recently surveyed a medium sized industrial unit in Essex and the heating costs were in excess of £4,000 per quarter for the majority of the year, despite the initial installation cost, savings of between 20-30% could be made by simply bringing insulation up to current Part L standards.   The payback for such a Carbon Friendly commitment would be comfortably achievable over the short to medium term, and at the same time the property would benefit from a fresh, new, contemporary look.  As a concept, “Regeneration” is an obvious bonus for any prospective tenant and a great selling point for the property management company.”

To find out more about the benefits and overall costs of commercial and industrial “Regeneration” programmes, call 01473 857758 and ask for Peter Masters

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