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Construction companies on the Internet from Construction Marketing UK

By: Construction Marketing UK   29/11/2010
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If you're in construction, you'll know it's tough out there.

If you want to win more contracts, you've got be where the action is and it's NOT in the Yellow Pages.

Like it or not, the Internet is where it's all happening!

If you'd rather be building houses, call us and we'll do the marketing for you, the blogging, the website development, the press releases etc. etc. We'll do it all and we won't break the bank!

Construction Marketing UK can assist all sectors of the construction Industry utilising blogging services, the Internet and Digital Marketing to gain market share.

Construction Marketing UK has the experience and the technical know how and can help you !!

The answer is NOT dropping your prices or "buying" work!

If your company has a website or you are just languishing in the Yellow Pages and you're disappointed with the results, call us today! We've got the solutions and they're cost effective!

Call 01473 435308 today and ask for Peter Masters and a free "Internet Health Check".

Call 01473 435308 today and ask Peter for a free marketing and branding consultation or simply

We build the builders!

Keywords: Business Development, digital marketing, Digital Marketing Consultants, marketing strategy, online advertising, web advertising, web designer, web page design