Blogging for business: Construction gets stronger in 2011

Blogging for business: Construction gets stronger in 2011 from Construction Marketing UK

By: Construction Marketing UK   08/01/2011
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Construction Marketing UK carried out some research into the top construction and property development companies in the UK and how they were addressing .  Our research provided us with some very interesting results!

Quite a few of the top companies were attempting to address Social Media Marketing, but Miller Homes stood out from the crowd; from many perspectives they were doing a great job!

Our subsequent communication with the management at Miller Homes provided us with the opportunity to show the rest of the construction and property development sector, exactly what the leaders are doing!

If you're in construction or property development, you should sit down and consider what Miller Homes has achieved recently.  Wouldn't you like to win awards, sell more houses and ultimately improve the bottom line in 2011??

The truth is that Miller Homes build stylish, quality (award winning) homes, in great locations and, of course, that's where it all begins.

If your products and services are NOT the best they can be, NO amount of marketing, whether it be Social Media Marketing, , ,  Advertising, PR or whatever, will make you a success.

Now, more than ever before, you've GOT to be good!

In the new year we will bring you more information about Miller Homes and why they're achieving the success the competition can only dream of.

ALWAYS remember: "communication adds value"!

If you would like to learn how your company can really benefit from Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing in 2011 call Peter 01473 435308 or email [email protected]

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