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By: Photo Living World  12/10/2010
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Photo Living World focus on providing real images of the real world.

All photographs at Photo Living World are original, unique, factual representations of the living world; the real world. They are the work of Bill and Sally Taylor.

We resist all but minimal post-capture enhancement of our photos. As a result, our images are a true and accurate representation of the real world. It is this approach that gives Photo Living World images such originality, honesty and integrity.

We endeavour to capture life as it really is: vital, beautiful, exciting, dramatic, startling, happy, sad, tragic, mysterious, hopeful.

Our aim is to photograph the world in all it’s splendour, whilst also recording those scenes which all too often pass unnoticed. If our images present a fresh and subtly different viewpoint, then they have successfully achieved their goal.

Above all we aim to provide images that are accurate and informative.

Our specialist fields are wildlife, travel and culture. We do however, photograph many aspects of life covering a multitude of topics.


Our images are available, under R

Managed Licence, for reproduction and publication.
They are also available as
, as Mounted Prints ready to frame and as Prints ready to hang, to enhance the walls of your home and office.

Public Sector organisations can also commission us, on a freelance basis, to supply photographs of specified subjects for particular assignments and/or one-off projects.

Please contact us for further details. We are always very happy to discuss any particular requirements you have now and also for your future projects.

Statement of Ethics

We strive to conduct all aspects of our work within carefully considered ethical and moral principles. Therefore, we take full responsibility for the way our photographs are obtained. Environmental and conservation issues are extremely important to us. We have a keen interest in human-rights, cultural equality and the development of international, sustainable, fair-trade policies.

Our images are provided only to those persons and organisations who we believe will use them for purposes that do not conflict with our own stated principles.

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