British Motorists Now Have an Engine Repair in a Can

By: Engine Restore Uk Limited T/A Ametech  28/07/2007
Keywords: Lubricant Additives

A GBP10 250ml can is needed for a 1000cc small car and a GBP40 litre can for something like a 3.5 Range Rover or a 4.2 Jaguar. Within 500 miles of the oil being added to a petrol car, or 1000 miles for a diesel vehicle, the difference in performance is self evident. The product owner Omar Sultan is a classic rags-to-riches American success story. He worked on the NASA space programme in the 1970s when a super lubricant was being researched. He later bought the terrestrial rights and finally brought the product to market. Since 1985 Engine Restore Inc., has sold 120 million cans in the States and in France the market is worth 6 million euros a year. "UK motorists were late in the line," said Dave. "Most motorists know the feeling when their engine starts smoking and they are faced with an MOT failure and hundreds of pounds in repair bills to put the engine right." Last year Dave bought a red Volvo 740 at auction. He described it as a `basket case' but wanted to use it as a test for the oil restorer. Within 500 miles of having the oil added his son, Alex, was racing the Volvo at Bentwaters in Suffolk (see photo details below). Other fans include London taxi drivers who bought the oil just to try it out and report that they have added 4mpg to their performance. The environmental impact of the oil is also important as London motorists face planned penalties for driving smoke polluting vehicles in the capital. Another field where the oil is proving its worth is the fishing industry. Dave has just returned from Guernsey where it was used on fishing boats avoiding expensive repairs and 2 or 3 weeks of lost work. Another fan is national motoring writer Quentin Willson who uses it in his own cars and recommends it through his column. The technology, explains Dave, has been around since the days of the steam engine but then the engine had to be taken to pieces before you could tackle the job of polishing and plating. The oil performs the same task internally . Until its invention the traditional additive methods were PTFE particles, viscosity improvers and chlorines Dave has worked in 28 countries as an engineer and is impressed with the range of motoring products Americans can buy and now features a total of them through Ametech. "But Engine Restorer Oil is our star. And it's great the British motorist is now discovering it, using it and giving us such positive comeback."

Keywords: Lubricant Additives

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