Soteria cooking oil fire extinguisher sachet

Soteria cooking oil fire extinguisher sachet from PSB FIRE AND ELECTRICAL

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Introducing SOTERIA Kitchen Fire Extinguisher SOTERIA KITCHEN fire extinguishers are sachets that react instantly with hot, burning cooking oil or fats by forming a blanket of cooling foam that snuffs out the fire and prevents reigniting. Cooking oil or fat fires can happen for numerous reasons, most commonly as the result of an unattended stove. Trying to extinguish the fire using conventional fire extinguishers or traditional methods can be dangerous. SOTERIA Kitchen allows you to extinguish the fire in one simple step: Gently drop SOTERIA Kitchen into the pot or pan. SOTERIA Kitchen will react with the heat of the flames to instantly release its extinguishing solution that snuffs out the fire by forming a rapidly expanding layer of foam that suffocates the flame while cooling the oil or fat to prevent re-igniting Easy to use: Unlike conventional fire extinguishers, SOTERIA Kitchen is as simple to use as you can get. Simply drop the sachet into the burning pot or pan and watch as the instant foam does the rest. Fire fighting, made simple!

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Soteria throw able fire extinguisher

The fire extinguisher re-invented. SOTERIA THROW ABLE is a revolutionary new way to fight fires. When a fire occurs, simply throw the ampoule directly into the fire. Upon impact, the ampoule shatters, releasing its extinguishing solution into the surrounding area and putting out the fire within seconds. Soteria Throw able is light, compact and requires no prior training to use, making it the perfect fire extinguisher for everyone and anyone