Noise Consultancy Services

By: DR Resolutions Ltd  14/05/2012
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Noise doesn’t have to be a nuisance or source ofcomplaint

Noise cancause considerable disturbance and annoyance to people living near industrialor entertainment premises.

We haveyears of experience in dealing with noise problems and planning applicationsfrom all types of businesses, including industrial, leisure and entertainment,agricultural and from neighbours.

We specialisein environmental noise surveys and noise nuisance assessments, applying therelevant British Standards, professional codes of practice and guidance.  Working with business owners, planningauthorities, local authority environmental health officers, health & safetyofficers we provide practical and cost effective advice and solutions toresolve noise complaints and planning questions.

We are different and provide extra valueover many of our competitors

Our consultantEnvironmental Health Officers are professionally qualified in Acoustics andNoise Control, Members of the Institute of Acoustics and as qualifiedEnvironmental Health Officers are capable of considering the Case Law andstatute Law applicable to the complaint. They can state with some authority whether a statutory nuisance is beingcaused. 

So you can beassured we will be receiving the some of the very best advice around.

Fullcomprehensive and understandable reports are provided on completion projects.

Planning Applications - Noise Surveys

Eachapplication is different and considered on its individual merits. We’ll planthe survey and assessment around these and take into account the relevant localplanning policies.  We ensure all surveysand assessments are undertaken to the applicable British Standards, codes ofpractice, guidance and guidelines such as BS 4142, BS 8233, PPG 24, WorldHealth Organisation etc.

Noise Nuisance/Complaint Measurement &Assessment

Understandingthe statutory and common law surrounding the assessment of noise complaintsisn’t easy.  With over 25 yearsexperience of investigating and deciding on cases of noise nuisance we’reideally placed to help you.

Whatever thesource of the noise complaint, whether it be from industry, constructionactivities, entertainment or neighbours we know how to assess it.  Each case is different and the survey andassessment criterion to be applied has to be appropriate and applicable to thecomplaint and noise source being complained about. 

We’ll designthe assessment and measurements to meet your specific objectives and thespecific situation, but we won’t compromise on quality.

Our noisenuisance / complaint assessments and measurements are taken in accordance withrelevant British Standards (i.e. BS 4142, BS 5228, BS 8233), codes of practice,professional guidance and guidelines. 

With us you’ll sleep well in the knowledge that you’ll be getting someof the best specialist help and advice around. It is:

Keywords: advice, Bs4142, consultancy, Environmental Health Officers, noise, Noise Complaints, Noise Surveys

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