Shamanic Reiki Healing

Shamanic Reiki Healing from INNER KALM

By: INNER KALM  05/07/2010
Keywords: Counselling, relaxation, Reiki Healing

What is Shamanic Reiki?...It is in fact very similar to a typical reiki healing session, but with an added extra ingredient of healing. If you are open to, or interested in the ancient healing ways of the native american indians, or have an afinity with nature and the animals, then shamanic reiki may be for you. I draw upon the medicine ways of the wise ones, and the energies of the power animals. Some people have always felt an affinity with a particular bird or animal and dont know why?...
If this is the case, you would enjoy a session of Shamanic Reiki therapy!
I try during healing to bring in the energies of the wolf, big cats, the bear and eagle, amongst others, to fascilitate a pleasant and very different form of healing. Shamanic Reiki is excellent at relieving emotional issues of the heart, and energy blockages. It is highly recommended!

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