By: INNER KALM  12/02/2009
Keywords: reiki, Distance Healing, pet healing

Inner Kalm Reiki - provides an effective Distant Healing service for domestic pets, birds and animals. Animals are often nervous of strangers, and one way to help them with this is to give them Distant Healing.
Normalene has always had a great love and affinity with animals since childhood, and is able to provide powerful Reiki and Angelic healing energies to help pets in discomfort or distress.
Animals are just like people in many ways, they feel pain, fear, and can suffer from anxiety, lonliness and depression. Physical symptoms can also deplete your pet such as internal problems like IBS, arthritis and joint stiffness, skin conditions and more.
Inner Kalm pet healing can help greatly. Distant Healing is not meant to take the place of essential vet treatment, but rather complement it. Distant healing however can often work little miracles of its own accord, when treating minor or acute ailments and emotional problems. All you have to do is send an email or letter to Inner Kalm describing the pet and its particular problem. It is also helpful if you can provide a small photograph of the animal, as this often helps the treatment to work better!
Distant healing is available completely free of charge!
This in no way deflects from the power and high success rate of this wonderful therapy.

Did you know that you can also learn to heal your own pets?...I can train you in animal healing as part of a reiki one course. Contact me for details

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