Promotional Printed Entrance Mats, Bar Runners, Carpet Tiles, Mouse Mats, Drink Coasters.

By: Admats UK  28/07/2009
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If you are looking for Printed Promotional Entrance Mats,  Logo Mats, Bar Runners, Mouse Mats, DrinksCoasters, Carpet Tiles or Gaming Mouse Pads, AdMats UK is a specialist manufacturer who can handle your orders no matter how great or small.
Using  wide format digital printing machines and the dye sublimation process as the printing medium, AdMats UK is unique in that all of the products  offered are manufactured and printed 'in house' enabling  complete control over the whole process to be kept.

Entrance Mats / Logo Mats  are offered in 3 sizes;- Medium - 82cm x 56cm , Standard - 94cm x 66cm and Mega- 137cm x 74cm.

Bar Runners are either 'Economy' or Nitrile Rubber. The Nitrile Rubber gives a choice of either bordered or non-bordered. Sizes are;- non-bordered 42cm x 22cm, 610cm x 22cm or 83cm x 22cm. Bordered measure 45 cm x 26cm, 65cm x 26cm or 85cm x 26cm.

Mouse Mats/Gaming Mouse Pads have either a cloth or a 'polyglide' hard surface and are offered in many sizes the most popular being 27cm x 19cm, 23.5cm x 19.7cm and 25cm x 19cm. Or for Gaming Mouse Pads 28cm x 20cm, 38cm x 27cm, 46cm x 38cm or 59cm x 41cm.

Carpet Tiles  are the ideal way to cover a large area with a custom image or brand. The image is spread across a series of tiles, which when joined result in the image being portrayed at full size. The sizes offered are 30cm x 30cm, 50cm x 50cm or 100cm x 50cm. The 100cm x 50cm tiles are particularly useful with exhibition floors where the tiles cannot be permanently adhered to the floor surface.

Placemats and Drink Coasters   are ever popular, and  the coasters are offered at 90mm Ø, 100mm Ø, 90mm x 90mm or 100mm x 100mm square. They can be personalised for weddings, offices, pubs, bars and events. The end uses are vast. They are currently offered as a cloth surface or hard surface.Placemats are offered at 27cm x 19cm or 38cm x 27cm, although custom sizes can be produced.

A 'mirror' finish hard surface coaster and placemat has just been introduced and is proving to be very popular, especially for wedding receptions.

Admats UK prides itself on offering a very fast turn-around of Orders, and also offers help and advice to customers on producing digital images that are suitable for the dye sublimation process.

Standard sizes are given in more detail on our web-site or you can dial 01902 897916 for more information.

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