Goverment considers capping care fee costs at £50.000

By: Wolverhampton Wills  20/05/2011
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It was reported in The Daily Mail (19 May 2011) that The Government is considering capping care fee costs at £50.000 to cut down on the large amount of people who have to sell their home and use all their savings to pay for their care under current rules. See link:

This is probably just one of those stories that get's out to the press and does not go anywhere. But even if it happens and care costs are capped at £50.000 - lot's of people would still have to sell up to pay for their care.

So, it's still good practice to take advice now, well before you need care to see what can be done to shield your assets from future care fee costs. Take good steps now and no-one can then accuse you of "deprivation  of assets" in future years. So, don't wait until care costs loom ever closer, because it's probably too late to do anything constructive at that stage - contact us for free advice today.

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