Family ties threatened by elderly care bills (Telegraph 23/5/11)

By: Wolverhampton Wills  23/05/2011
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OECD: Huge elderly care bill threatens family ties.
According to the Daily Telegraph, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggests that Britain faces one of the largest bills for elderly careof any leading industrialised nation, with rising costs threatening to undermine the bonds between parents and their children, a major international study has found. Link:

There are ways around paying for care - by shielding assets from the care fee means test. These are not classed as "asset deprivation" (giving assets away to family etc. if diagnosed with debilatating illness) - they are legitimate ways to invest money or protect assets for many reasons, one effect of which maybe also to shield from future care costs. But, please - take action now whilst still well and fit - if you leave it too late you will find either your choices are limited or non-existent.

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