Can you store my will for me?

By: Wolverhampton Wills  06/05/2011
Keywords: legal services, home visit will service

We operate a storage service for your will and other important documents such your property deeds, Lasting Power of Attorney, funeral plan/bond, pension documents etc. Documents are stored in a state of the art facility that is both burglar protected and fire protected. We charge an annual fee which includes; regular updates of your will free of charge plus, free advice to your exectutors to help them sort out your will when you've gone. This can help them avoid putting your will in the hands of a solicitor which may cost £1,000's. 

And how much does storage cost? Just £26.00 per annum for singles and £38.00 per annum for mirror wills. We use a standing order which means YOU are in control of it. The cost will never rise either and will be fixed for life at this. when you condier that the free advice alone could save £1.000's in legal fees it's a very small price to pay once a year.

But, we do offer a fixed price full probate service if your executors would prefer us to handle it - just 2% of your estate (min £750 + VAT and Disbursements).

Keywords: home visit will service, legal services

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