Can I pay for my funeral now at today's prices?

By: Wolverhampton Wills  06/05/2011
Keywords: funeral plans, home visit will service

You can pay for your funeral now with a prepaid funeral plan/bond. There is quite a choice; some cover every cost, some don't. In general cremation costs are fully covered and burial costs are mostly covered with a bit extra to pay when the time comes. Ask us which companies and plans we use and recommend. But to some up - if you buy today then you fix ALL or MOST of the cost at today's prices, which could be a massive saving in the future. Plus you have taken an emotional job away from your nearest and dearest too, funeral directors always try and upsell services when relatives are at this emotional stage - so yours will avoid this. You can plan your service whether it's christian, humanist etc. and choose hymns or other music too.

Keywords: funeral plans, home visit will service

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