Seriously Soap for Computers?

Seriously Soap for Computers? from Hotel Guest Supplies

By: Hotel Guest Supplies  21/10/2011
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If I was to say the word soap and ask you what is the first thing you thought about what do you think the results would be?

Well you may be surprised if I told you most would think about East Enders or Coronation street. Or would you be shocked that most thought about either or or . So what did you think about as you read this blog? Was it the soap opera theme or that actual hand soap? Or did you simply think about something else like computers?

Surprisingly SOAP is a term used by many computer geeks if you don’t believe me look it up in Google! It stands forSimple Object Access Protocol, a lightweight-based messaging used to encode the information in . Well if you know what that means then you probably already know about soap, if not then you are like the majority of us which think that the soap we know is used for washing and cleaning of hands and bodies or watched on TV.

So now you know that computers use soap will it change the way you thinking about it when you wash your hands or watch the “soap opera’s” on TV? If you do sit there chuckling to yourself whilst your other half watches East Enders I think it would be wise to send them a copy of this blog so they get the joke too, otherwise people may think you have lost the plot and how many people will believe you when you say that computers need to use soap!  

So there you go they do say you learn something new every day and now you can say with your hand on your heart that you now know that SOAP is used by computers and for computers how cool is that!

Miniature soaps such as make for another interesting subject keep your eyes peeled.

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