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Connect & Forget Golf battery chargers from Golf Trolley Repairs

By: Golf Trolley Repairs  19/11/2009
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Batteries fail early because they are usually not well maintained. Many cheap chargers supplied with golf trolleys are not really fit for purpose because they require the user to switch off when the light goes green - when usually the battery is only 90% charged and then put the battery back on charge for a couple of hours before you play. What nonsense! who will ever stick to such a routine especially if you are playing early morning golf.

What you need is to put your battery on charge when you've finished your round and forget it until you play next. Our chargers enable you to do just that - they are genuinely "Connect & Forget" operating in 3 stages. Firstly there is the bulk charge stage delivering up to 4 amps, capable of charging upto 34Ah batteries safely and quickly. Next the charger automatically reduces the input to less than 1 amp  - a trickle charge that will not boil your battery. Stage 3 is the maintenance phase which trips in and out resulting in a permanently fully charged battery.

Charged properly a golf battery should last for over 300 rounds of golf but abused through incorrect charging can halve its life. If you can afford to keep replacing batteries then good luck to you but a high quality Connect & Forget charger will reduce your golfing costs and give you much more reliable service out of your battery.

Our charger retail on the web at upto £55 but our price is £40

Keywords: Golf battery chargers