Quality Assurance in Agme riveting machines

Quality Assurance in Agme riveting machines from AGME - W.G. Challenor

By: AGME - W.G. Challenor  31/03/2009
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Agme offer different quality assurance options in their riveting machines:

- Constant Height Control CAC
- Quality assurance system CP-1
- Quality assurance system CP-2

The riveting process quality can be controlled by simple systems as the CAC, or by more sophisticated ones like CP-1 or CP-2.

The CAC system controls the final riveted head height so it is possible to rivet equal parts located at different heights.

The CP-1 and CP-2 systems can monitor and control the riveting process by detecting and evaluating :the following parameters:

- Presence of the rivet
- Applied pressure
- Riveting tool wear
- Height of the riveting head

In the CP-1 system, the riveting head carries out the parameters measure from a reference “0” point in the head resting position. This system is valid for short rivets assembling.

The CP-2 system consists of a floating device on the riveting head which touches the parts that must be assembled and enables the machine to determine the reference surface “0”. Then the parameters can be measured (pressure, stroke, etc) during the subsequent riveting process. This is the best quality assurance system for very long spindles riveting.

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