AGME special purpose machine for silent blocks insertion

AGME special purpose machine for silent blocks insertion from AGME - W.G. Challenor

By: AGME - W.G. Challenor  14/04/2009
Keywords: presses, Machinery & Equipment, industrial machinery

AGME has designed and manufactured a special purpose machine for inserting silent blocks on motor beds for an important international automotive components manufacturer.

The machine cycle time is 10 / 12 seconds.

The machine has the following features:

·   Fabricated base.

·   Tooling to locate components with parts presence laser detectors. 

·   Pneumatically operated slide for transporting parts.

·   4 AGME mini-hydraulic 5 ton presses with a stroke of .

·   4 AGME standard hydraulic power packs.

·   4 AGME process control systems.

·   Electric components:

o  S7-300 “siemens” automaton

o  TP 177 B “siemens” tactile panel

o  “staiger mohilo processer”

·   Pneumatic components.

·   Full guarding.

Inserting Process Control

Each press has its linear transducer and cell to check the correct:

- Silent blocks presence in the appropriate position

- Inserting force in all stroke

- Position and final insertion force

Description of the process:

·   Manual loading of the “motor support” in the tooling guided by 4 floating centering bolts. If the part is heavy, the client will place one equilibrator is needed.

·   Four silent blocks on the same four floating centers to center motor supports. The bolts will have two diameters: one for centering the motor and other one (smaller) for centering the silent blocks.

·   The customer will have one part manipulation system with one equilibrator so it can be possible to manipulate the parts and load on the machine.

·   4 silent blocks + motor support’s presence control

·   Pulsator control system, security with photoelectric barrier

·   Inserting 4 silent blocks at the same time by 4 AGME presses MPH-5 with stroke of . each press with “CP- quality assurance system with proportional valve + stroke linear transducer with “staiger mohilo” processor.

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