Agme special purpose machine for coolers thickness control

Agme special purpose machine for coolers thickness control from AGME - W.G. Challenor

By: AGME - W.G. Challenor  05/06/2009
Keywords: machine tools, Machinery & Equipment, industrial machinery

AGME has designed and manufactured a special purpose machine for coolers thickness control for an important automotive components manufacturer.

Required process

Plates control holding up a pressure of 6 atmospheres.


AGME has designed a special purpose machine with the following features:

- An aluminium profile bench table.

- Four plate beds.

- Four superior plates go on vertically with the aid of a pneumatic cylinder.

- Four centesimal detectors with 4 floating axles.

- The four plates go on guided with two columns each one.

- Two horizontal cylinders of approximately 100 kgs. each one.

- Each cylinder has 4 floating dies on a slide with rail and flanges.

- One of the sides has a 6 atmospheres pneumatic connection.

- Units support.

- A tunnel of bad pieces that fall down to a box.

Cycle description

- Feeding and placing of 4 plates on 4 beds.

- Start button and safety by photoelectric barrier.

- 4 vertical plates are individually supported by the plates.

- Four units vertical movement

- Application of an air flow of 6 atmospheres in aprox. 2 seconds.

- If the plates are OK, the units go back.

- If any of the plates is NOK, all the plates stay blocked.

- In the NOK unit, the bad plate is retired and it passes for a tunnel to a NOK pieces box and automatically the OK units go back

- Retire OK pieces.

- Load again.

Electrical elements:

- Cabinet with power elements.

- Control with autómata “Siemens” S7-300.

- “Siemens” ref. TP-177 Control Panel

Pneumatic elements:

- Progressive air presure starter

- General Electrovalve and pneumatic presostate.

- Pneumatic disconnecting device


- Aluminium fixed guards around the machine

- Photoelectric barrier in the operator access.

- The machine has the CE certification.

Keywords: automotive components, custom machines, customized machines, industrial machinery, machine tools, Machinery & Equipment,

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