Shredders & Granulators for Pipe Extruders

Shredders & Granulators for Pipe Extruders from Summit Systems

By: Summit Systems  14/04/2009
Keywords: Recycling, PLASTIC, material handling

   Available from Summit Systems are ZERMA ZRS Series Shredders, providing the solution for large diameter pipes. Developed for the size reduction of pipes up to 1,300mm diameter from materials such as UPVC, PE and PP. Pipes up to 9 metres in length may be shredded without the need to pre cut. The centre piece of the machine is a 1,5000mm diameter cutting rotor equipped with 206 rotary cutting tips operating at low speed, ensuring smooth, efficient size reduction of pipes. Large pipes or bundles of pipes of smaller diameter are loaded into the horizontal feeding trough, the doors are closed automatically and the hydraulic pusher forces the pipes towards the rotor. The shredded material is then discharged on to a conveyor and transferred to a Granulator, reducing it to its final size. A feature of the ZRS system is a low amperage power consumption and noise emission is reduced when compared with large granulators due to the smooth operation of the system. Operated via a central control panel, operator safety is ensured by approved safety devices, as is the case with all ZERMA products.  Using conventional Granulators for long pipes and profiles can produce substantial difficulties. To feed large and bulky materials, in most cases cavities or platforms are required. Addressing this issue ZERMA have developed their GSP range. Thanks to the almost level feed hopper, long pieces can be fed easily. As the machines are able to dose automatically, there is no risk of blocking. These Granulators have a superior cutting action with a simple knife setting and a robust bearing assembly. The machines are constructed from welded steel and are suitable to meet the most demanding application, whilst providing high operational reliability. Dependent on the required application there are a whole range of rotor options.

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