Rotor Dryer

Rotor Dryer from Summit Systems

By: Summit Systems  14/04/2009
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   Energy costs are a drain on profitability for any plastics processor who dries polymer using conventional equipment. High levels of power consumption are required not only for drying, but also for regenerating desiccant.   Summit Systems have addressed this issue with a new addition to their range of material dryers. The Rotor Dryer utilises a 4 stage rotating wheel which continuously puts dry desiccant into service while regenerating saturated desiccant in the same rotational cycle. Other versions in the market place are only 3 stage and customers using the Summit Rotor Dryer are already reporting savings in energy consumption in the region of 45%.   The rotor is a solid monolith mixture of silica gel and molecular sieves which gives excellent regeneration performance as well as enhanced processing. This results in a constant and reliable dew point and a lower regeneration temperature at 160 deg. The regeneration circuit is controlled by 2 temperature probes in the wheel and processed by a brushless blower. The blower speed is constantly automatically adjusted to match the value of the dew point requested, which optimises the energy consumption. Furthermore, users have the facility to select the material type i.e. PET or PA12. the dryer will automatically set the drying time and temperature, in addition to the airflow.

  Unlike some Rotary Wheel models and the more conventional drying methods the Summit Rotor Dryer does not require compressed air or chilled water and has an automatic anti stress material system which will turn down the air flow in the event of the moulding machine stopping. Summit Systems offer a 5 year warranty on the life of the desiccant wheel in addition to a 2 year warranty on the machine.

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